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annuals - "sweet sister" ep

I have always wished and hoped that Annuals were a band that I could feel superpassionately about, the way I do with some. Logic would dictate that I would, since there is really nothing NOT charming and wonderful about their new EP "Sweet Sister," but somehow my mind just isn't blown away by this. So while I won't proclaim the new five song EP the most awesome thing ever (none of these tracks really pack quite the punch that most of their debut Be He Me delivered not so long ago), it is a very enjoyable and very polished offering from this both talented & attractive North Carolina based six-piece and has left me full of promise for what their next full-legth album will be.

Below is my favorite song of the bunch, and the more I listen to it the more I... dare I say... love it? I see what you did there, Annuals!

Annuals - Loxstep

"Sweet Sister" is out March 30th on Banter Records.


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