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everyone loves a good residency

February is when the year kicks into high gear. I mean unless you want to sit around and mope about your lack of a Valentine, let's think about the POSITIVE things that could come your way this month, shall we? Groundhog Day happens and they're kind of cute, LOST premieres which is all anyone can talk about, a lot of awesome bands are releasing albums this month too (Yeasayer, Alpline, and so on), and even better is that a lot of awesome bands are having residencies. Residencies are awesome, btw. I know I say the word awesome... a lot. But seriously, a residency is ideal for the LAZY: The person who FULLY intends to go see that band they have been dying to see or vaguely curious about, but when Tuesday evening rolls around they are like oh man you know what would be so good good right now is some Thai delivery and a marathon of How I Met Your Mother and the band-seeing plans are thus-ly scrapped. And it IS cold outside, so we know... it's hard to motivate. But that's what is so nice about residencies, they are just so forgiving, because even if you have your spring rolls and Neil Patrick Harris that Tuesday, you have two or three OTHER Tuesdays to go see the band. AWESOME.

I'm actually presenting/djing a show for another residency this month that I will tell you about soon (see, you knew there was a reason I was babbling for so long about this). But a few blogger friends of mine are helping present Blair's residency at Pianos this month. The first show is tonight and YES I realize that LOST is on, but that's okay because you have several other chances so don't get your Dharma panties in a bunch.

Blair, btw, is a super promising singer songwriter originally from New Orleans, who has her debut album out now called Die Young which is a little pop-y, a little moody, definitely pretty, and all-around great. Aquarium Drunkard has an interview here that you can check out, and is presenting her shows along with Pop Tarts Suck Toasted and Stark Online.

So check out these tunes, put down the thai menu, come out to Pianos this month and enjoy.

Blair - Candy In The Kitchen

Blair - Paris, France

annuals - "sweet sister" ep

Frightened Rabbit: New Video - "Nothing Like You"