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holiday, celebrate!

hi! i'm back!

honestly, the past month has been a much needed vacay from the blogging world. in the interum I found an awesome job, ended a relationship, became obsessed with the show Heroes and caught up on a lot of much needed sleep. I went to see Interpol at Madison Square Garden, which was a mind blowing experience. It was kind of strange because you could eat concession stand nachos while rocking out to "Heinrich Maneuver", but the band really put on a great show and did their New York fans proud. Another strange show that I went to was seeing Secret Machines at the friggin Annex, which was almost too small to contain their massive sound. The band have encorporated a new member, and are playing a residency there every wednesday for at least the next week or two so go check it out. I stood next to Dave Grohl the entire time (hot hot hot) and he seemed really into the band aswell. DAVE GROHL I FUCKING LOVE YOU.

oookay, had to get that out of the way.

now i am back, and am carefully wading once again into the world of indie music. my inbox is bursting at the seams, almost to the point where I don't even know where to begin! so please excuse my blatent catch-up, with CMJ coming soon there will certainly be lots more to talk about!

The A-Sides have new music! This is so exciting. I love this band, ever since I saw them in Chicago and then dragged an A&R rep from one of my old jobs to go see them. They are great, and their new album Silver Storm will hopefully really bring this band the attention that they deserve. They are also touring with bands like PINBACK and TED LEO which is awesome, and will play the Knitting Factory on November 3rd.

The A-Sides - We're The Trees

Rachael and I played Division Day on our now defunct internet radio show, which was the first time I ever heard them. Their debut album Beartrap Island, which we played songs from on the show, was released last week. To "celebrate", the band are releasing cover songs every Tuesday. This cover is my particular favorite (and a favorite of most of the blog world it seems). It's really beautiful. And even better, this Los Angeles band will be playing a TON of NYC shows in October. Plenty of chances for you to check them out.

October 11- Union Hall, Brooklyn, 8:30PM
October 17- The Loft on Bowery, 12 PM
October 17- Canal Room (CMJ), 8PM
October 18- Union Hall, Brooklyn, 8:30PM
October 19- Pianos, b/w Ludlow & Stanton, 2PM

Division Day - Enjoy The Silence(Depeche Mode cover)

And finally, a band that I think should tour with Division Day and one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE NYC BANDS EVER, The Diggs, are preparing to take over the world (one amazing emotastic song at a time) with their sophomore effort entitled ctrl-alt-del, to be released in early 2008. They are also headlinging an NYC show at Cake Shop that is curated by Pat from Pop Tarts Suck Toasted. Go and scream out your emoshunz.

The Diggs - Careen

Finally, since I mentioned Interpol before, here is a link to the stream for their latest video for "No I In Threesome." It features a creapy house full of mirrors and a forest fire. Only you can prevent forest fires, Interpol. tsk tsk.

Windows Media : [Lo] [HI]

Quick Time : [Lo] [Hi]

i hate yo face! (but i like eagle*seagull a lot)

ATJF - good golly.