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she found a lonely sound

Interpol @ Bowery Ballroom October 10th:

Next Exit
Obstacle 1
Say Hello To Angels
Not Even Jail
Hands Away
Slow Hands
Length of Love

Leif Erikson

To say that I had an amazing time at the Interpol "secret show" last night would be a huge understatement. I think I've actually been on some kind of high all day as a result of it. And Ashley was the perfect second row dead center companion for me, dancing and screaming along to every great song. I couldn't even tell you if the rest of the packed crowd was into the show or not because we were so engrossed that there was no way I was going to turn around and attempt to find out. The five vodka tonics that a very nice guy named Jim bought for each of us before the band even played probably helped fuel all the excitement, but Interpol really brought down the house and confirmed for me why they are perhaps the greatest band on the planet right now and Antics is the best album of the year.

The only even slightly disappointing thing about this show was that they band decided not to come back and play their planned encore of "Stella Was A Diver," which is my favorite Interpol song and one I've been dying to hear them play live. Afterwards we stopped by the going away party for Erica, who is getting ready to rock out London style (see you in February!) and then went to the darkroom, drank too much and listened to Sarah and/or Karen spin T.A.T.U. but they had no Radiohead to play? Oh well, we were drunk and russian lesbian music was fun anyways.

Jed (who got into the show last night for FREE by just asking the doorguy if he could go in!) and I went to finally check out the art space and picked up the beautiful 7" Antics box set. The space itself was kind of on the disappointing side -- I didn't think it would be so small! And it probably could have had a lot more artwork involved but it was still interesting and a great marketing idea.

Before I forget, on Friday night I finally got to see Rilo Kiley live and they were just phenomenal. I have a girl-crush on Jenny (but I think everyone in the room had a crush on her, she's just cute beyond words)...and what a gorgeous voice! I can't believe she's the same girl who was in that Nintendo movie "The Wizard" with Fred Savage. And she dated Jake Gyllenhaal and I don't even hate her for it. You can hear the entire album streamed on their website. My favorites are "a man-me-then jim" and "i never." I also really enjoyed openers Tilly and the Wall. They have a girl in their band and all she does is TAP DANCE. I want to be in a band and tap dance! Better yet, I could tap dance and play cowbell at the same time. Fanfuckingtastic.

After the show we stopped by Rothko where I will be DJing for Social!sm on October 22nd. I can't wait, the space downstairs is fantastic and I hope a lot of people come out and dance (especially everyone who gives me a hard time about trying to get them to come to Brooklyn for popfrenzy!... which has new photos up here might I add). A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY also to Brian Molloy, who celebrated his by jumping off furniture and doing the splits midair and played Santo and Johnny. We love you Brian, ya crazy guy.

Going even further backwards (jesus christ, was I not going to take it easy last week????)... The Sons of Sound delivered a great show on Thursday @ The Delancey... they rocked and Dennis rocked eyeliner and you can download their song December -- which was my favorite when they played at Pianos a month ago. If you like what you hear, go on their site and buy an EP for six bucks!

Phew, I think that's everything. Tomorrow night kicks off CMJ and we will be rocking out open bar style and following around members of my namesake band at the Syndicate party at Downtime. What happened at the Syndicate party LAST year is kind of legendary depending on who you ask, and this year should not be any exception. If you don't hear from me for a week it's because I'm on someone's aero bed unconscious except to go to shows. Whoever decided to shut down the L train late night this week is a total asshole. CMJ should make a formal complaint. If you're actually going out tonight, stop at Lit and see "my asian boyfriend" (that's what Dom said, NOT ME) DJ and buy a shot for Erik Foss, he's off the wagon and loving it apparently. I'd have you buy one for me but I'll be at home watching Felicity and eating Ramen noodles.


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