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Greetings from CMJ --- I'm at the Javits center spending my day giving free reletively useless schwag to industry people, checking out the Prosaics - and really liking them, and seeing a lot of friends of mine who are lucky enough to either be in bands playing showcases (The GoStation and Surefire) or have a badge for other reasons. The Javits center is like a weird airport. But I get free lunch and tons of free magazines and a $500 dollar badge.

Tonight the bands I want to see include: Moving Units, French Kicks, Decemberists, the Wrens, Madison Strays, The Bravery and a ton more that I'm obviously forgetting... I'm so tired and hungover it's hard enough just to write in complete sentences. Breaks over... later....

sondre lerche says he has CMJ fever and so do we

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