Radiohead: Talk Show Host live at Primavera Sound 2016 (Video)

It's obviously no secret that Radiohead are my favorite band ever. Ever. EVER. Seeing them is a near religious experience every single time, and their performance at this year's Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona was no exception. One of the many many highlights of their set was 'Talk Show Host' - a fan favorite for sure and such a 90s nostalgia throwback! 

Here's my video from the show of the song in its entirety (I was hoping they would play it and just had a feeling it was coming so I hit the record button before the opening notes. VIBES.)



On the Soundcloud caption for this track, her label writes "This song is really specia," and they couldn't have been more accurate on that point.  The daughter of the "Vietnamese Tina Turner" (no, seriously), TRACE is fairly new on the music scene and is already leaving a noteworthy footprint of her own, delivering some truly gorgeous, haunting eletro pop. Stay tuned below for the slow build and keep your ears out for more from this emerging artist. 

MODERAT (or how I fell in love with a German Electronic Band in Spain)

Moderat live @ Primavera Sound 2016 in Barcelona 

Moderat live @ Primavera Sound 2016 in Barcelona 

Dear readers, I just got back from Europe and gosh and I TOTALLY OBSESSED WITH MODERAT. Okay but seriously, we just attended our second Primavera Sound festival - the creme de la creme of music festivals in the world - and it was a dreamy, exhilarating, feet destroying hell of a time. You can hear a recap of last year's adventures at Prima right over here. While I'm recovering from ALL the dance dance dance, I wanted to take a moment to share with you Moderat, who turned me into a full believer in everything dark, German, and electronic, which let me just say as the second to last act I even saw in my 3 days at Prima is a pretty huge accomplishment. But they were just fantastic, broody, sexual, all encompassing soul -drowningly good. Does that description even make sense? Do I care? Not really. 

Here you are. More soon to come: 

Parcels: Herefore


Parcels are a new band hailing from Byron Bay, made up of members of other bands including Potato Potato (my fave new band name!), Lifeline, and Prowler. Herefore is their funky fun debut, which will also appear on their upcoming EP Clockscared. I gave this track a spin on my radio show last night and found myself bouncing around and getting down in the studio booth to this track so much so that I felt compelled to share.