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no matter how i tried

The beach is good and fun. Sunburn is not good nor is it fun. Tit for tat, I suppose. Saturday was a gorgeos day to get some melanoma. I was trying to remember how I got to be so hungover, but I think I had Matt GoStation (who almost single-handedly kept me drunk for two days because he knew I needed it... or something. you rock my empty bank account) and Big Dave to thank for that. At least I attempted to help someone win a game of chess at St. Dymphnas before I headed back to Williamsburg. He lost though. So it goes...

Saturday we tried to take our sun burned selves out for a little bit. We got some free drinks but couldn't really manage to dance and ended up running into boys we used to make out with. That's always interesting. Also met a boy who said he works for Donald Trump (but was not on the Apprentice, I checked), and enjoyed drinking ameretto sours and reading Cosmo. Hmmmmm...

Sunday we dragged ourselves out again and went to Rothko for an all ages show thrown by the lovely Jasper and Audrey. And by "all-ages" they really weren't kidding... there were def. some young kiddies in the audience, who clearly are Surefire's newest and by far youngest fans!

Surefire was followed by The Bravery and then Elkland, both bands that I obviously love. But I think the temperature outside and the fact that most of the crowd was probably hungover or sunburnt or both made it difficult for the audience to really get into both of these dancey sets. Not to worry though, these bands are both sure to wow them when they open for Elefant next week @ Bowery.

The next two weeks are going to be entirely overwhelming. Hopefully I'll even manage to make time to blog, between working (this week) and partying (every week). Cross your fingers for me.

can anyone lend er... give... me 500 dollars?

a glass case of emotion