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my slacker lollapalooza "review"

Going to a music festival for "vacation" is really not a vacation at all. I have a hard time because I'm one of those people who needs to see as many acts as humanly possible while I am there. And with 100+ degree heat and skyrocketing humidity to cope with at Lollapalooza 2005, this was all rather difficult. So I did the best that I could, photographed MOST of what I saw, and didn't suffer from heat stroke (unlike poor Sara of Tegan & Sara who didn't even make it through more than four songs in their set).

I was thinking that I would give you a whole play by play... but no. You don't really want to hear how many corn on the cobs I ate and just to what degree the Bravery's set sucked ass... do you? I thought instead that I would highlight the first bands I saw on each day, because to be completely honest, they were some of the best acts of the entire festival and I thought probably more likely to be overlooked.

So on Saturday we got there bright and early to see Hard Fi, a band that Jeff had been raving about since their show in NYC that same week. This band was fucking excellent... their lead singer is a maniac but in a really GOOD way. He plays a friggen KEYBOARD FLUTE... or something like that. What do you call it? I'm not sure, but they did a killer cover of "Seven Nation Army" that blew me away and also have a really fun song called "Cash Machine" which involves some sort of baby mama drama that I found very amusing. Check them out.

Hard-fi - Cash Machine

Then Sunday first thing, hungover as all hell, we managed to make it back to Grant Park (best-skyline-view-EVER) to see The Changes. I know I have written about them before, but this Chicago based band deserves more than just another mention on this blog. For one thing, aside from another band that won a battle of the bands contest, The Changes are the ONLY unsigned band to play Lollapalooza this year. On top of that, their music is fantastic. I don't know if I can entirely put my finger on what it is that makes me love them so much, but the comparisons to the Police probably have a lot to do with it and their total laid back friendly vibe doesn't hurt either.

The band will be back in NYC for CMJ so please don't miss them!

The Changes - When I Sleep

Otherwise I really enjoyed my Lollapalooza experience, despite the heat. I thought the whole thing was really well organized and layed out, so good job Perry Farrell, even though you sort of seem to be a bit of a nut job you put on a great festival.

the rest of my photos can be seen here. enjoy!!!

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