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a tour for the haunted

Stellastarr* fans rejoice! The new album is on the way and they are going out on tour! To be honest, Harmonies for the Haunted has not grown on me yet, but I'm trying to fall in love with it, I really am. Maybe that's not the way it's really supposed to work, but it seems to be the way with sophomore albums these days.

Here are the dates:

8/31/05 Boston, MA Middle East * WFNX Show
9/9/05 Montreal, QC * Cabaret Music Hall
9/10/05 Toronto, ON * Horseshoe Tavern
9/12/05 Columbus, OH * the Basement
9/13/05 Chicago, IL * Metro-Smart Bar Record-Release Party
9/17/05 Seattle, WA * Chop Suey
9/18/05 Portland, OR * Doug Fir Lounge
9/21/05 LA, CA * El Rey
9/22/05 SF, CA * Popscene
9/23/05 SF, CA * The Independent
9/24/05 Santa Barbara, CA * Velvet Jones
9/25/05 Solana Beach, CA * Belly Up Tavern
9/28/05 Dallas, TX * Trees
10/1/05 Atlanta, GA * The Loft at Earthlink Live
10/2/05 Orlando, FL * The Social
10/4/05 Philadelphia * The T.L.A
10/5/05 Washington, DC * 9:30 Club
10/6/05 NYC * Irving Plaza
10/7/05 Boston, MA * The Paradise

Also, I know I had a stream of this before but here is a download so you can rock out on your ipod and what not:

Stellastarr* - Sweet Troubled Soul

(and yes, i DO love this song)

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