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Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

First thing is first, hi people from NY Magazine! Thanks to you, I've decided to post (aka: throw together while I eat my monday morning breakfast) some music I've been really into lately - what a novelty, I know... For more update-to-date information... like what I actually ate for breakfast (j/k) you can always follow me on Twitter.

Local Natives: LA Based band, great moustaches, lovely three part harmonies on entrancing indie folk songs. I told everyone I saw during CMJ how much I loved this band.

Local Natives - Airplanes

Local Natives - Sun Hands

Bear In Heaven: Even though they have "bear" in their name, I fell for this dark/psychedelic-influenced rock band while stuffed into the tiny live room at Matchless watching them open for The Rapture. Wish that I started listening to them a long time ago... their last album Beast Rest Forth Mouth came out October 13th of this year on Hometapes.

Bear In Heaven - Lovesick Teenagers

Bear In Heaven - Whole-Hearted Mess

Surfer Blood - Band I saw the most during CMJ (three times, I think?). Band that is too young for me to hang out with (but I still want to). Band who is going to be really huge (I hope). They're currently on tour with Art Brut.

Surfer Blood - Floating Vibes

Surfer Blood - Catholic Pagans

Miracles of Modern Science (also known as "Moms" by some music bloggers haha). Geeky band-name aside, def check out this band (originally from Princeton - so they are actually smarties) if you like Tally Hall... and if you read my blog at all I would hope you at least like them a little or I'm not even sure what you're doing here. They've been featured here and there - even in Spin Magazine recently. Do people still read Spin Magazine though? I'm not sure.. I recently used it to shield my hair from the rain I think. Either way, this band gets two thumbs up from me.

Miracles of Modern Science - MR2

Miracles of Modern Science - 524

So... yeah... it's really flattering to get mentioned in a publication like NY Mag, especially since I didn't discover Grizzly Bear. If you're looking for other great NYC based music blogs, please please check out my friends with After The Jump. They are all awesome too (which I told NY Mag, btw, but they just didn't print it!).

The Mary Onettes

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