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free stuff everywhere you turn

The word "free" is a beautiful word. Also beautiful are things that denote "free" such as "open bar." Example: There's an open bar at Lit* this Friday, because Udet is playing and Max really wants you to come see his band. I've never seen them, and they play a lot, but DJ Spiky Phil will be there, and he is the best. I asked him to marry me once. He was already married. But that's OK, he played Franz Ferdinand for me... and so it goes.

BUT... on to the REALLY GOOD free stuff:

Next Wednesday I have a DJ gig. I'll be talking about this again before it happens, but here's the info... I'm DJing at Alligator Lounge in Williamsburg, which is a great bar. If you buy a drink (any drink, from beer to a diet coke or whatever beverage you like), you get a FREE brick oven pizza. And this is some quality pizza, and it's huge so you'll be entirely full and NOT broke. Also, all of my guests will get a free drink just for showing up, so come and party. They have Ms. Pacman and a pool table. Just don't challenge Nicole to a game of Ms. Pacman because she will kick your ass.

Next Wednesday
Alligator Lounge
600 Metropolitan, between Lorimer and Leonard Sts
(L to Lorimer St; G to Metropolitan)

Be there.
* lately, Lit has an open bar just about every night, or at the very least on tuesdays, wednesdays, and fridays and usually from 11-12 or 10-11. beauuuuuutiful

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