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matchmaker matchmaker (taco making babies)

Sometimes when my friends are at work, they decide to try to find Nora an object d'amore. here's an example:

elleinad1028: there's always ******
nyc nora: noooooo
nyc nora: short!
elleinad1028: we could get him so platform shoes
nyc nora: ****** has a girlfriend!
elleinad1028: shit, why does everyone have a girlfriend
nyc nora: i don't know!
nyc nora: YOU are a girlfriend
nyc nora: you tell me
elleinad1028: **** ******* doesn't
nyc nora: no way
elleinad1028: lol
nyc nora: he's my brother with sideburns
elleinad1028: yeah
elleinad1028: elvis on crack
nyc nora: i want to blog this conversation
nyc nora: but i won't
elleinad1028: oh wait elvis was on crack
nyc nora: crack?
nyc nora: yeah i don't need anyone on crack
nyc nora: no girlfriends
nyc nora: no crack
elleinad1028: NO hobbits
nyc nora: bahahaha
nyc nora: yes, no hobbits either
nyc nora: ok i'm blogging this anyway
elleinad1028: fine by me
elleinad1028: hmmmmm who else is elligable....

then there was something else... about tacos and taco making babies. is anyone single in this city anymore? anyone? bueller?

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