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more beautiful things

I am so late with this. Morning Theft, tonight, Hoboken (in the words of Rob.. eww) @ a bar called... (appropriately) Willie McBrides (this link is worth it just for the webpage for the bar alone). The last time I went to Hoboken it was a total disaster. Morning Theft, however, are very much worth the trip if you can make it.

Justin Surefire reports clear blue skies @ The Stills show at Castle Clinton. If you run right now you can still make it. It's FREE too. Someone loves my magic word today. We may or may not go out for the free beer afterparty. It's just one of those days.

Also, free Benzos at Pianos, 9pm.

Free open bar at Lit TONIGHT (I knew it!) from 11-12 (vodka and the king of beers).

Listen to some songs by the Sexy Magazines from their new EP.

And finally and best, The Bravery have been added to open for Elefant @ Bowery on the 21st. 13 bucks, and Elkland is playing too. Jasper has great pictures of The Bravery from their Arlene's Grocery residency on his site (why are 50% of the great shows for July scheduled over a three day period?).

why can't we just play the other game

matchmaker matchmaker (taco making babies)