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eat a sandwich please. get me out of this room please. one more drink please?

Started off the evening with Vicious! (happy anniversary), and finally saw Snowden properly (aka NOT at Siberia). They def. have made some line up changes, but the music remained entirely fucking excellent and they drew a great crowd considering they were first on the bill and not locals. "Kill the Power" was the highlight for me, such a great song! The band even got to do a much deserved encore, which Jocelyn told me is a rare thing at Vicious. Jordan is an absolute sweetheart and the band is looking forward to their show tonight at Trash (they play at 10:30, and there is an open bar beforehand.

We stayed at Vicious for a while after and I'm glad we did because I was majorly impressed by Hula with their dreamy and beautiful folk rock (and they do rock out from time to time, which was great). And I finally got to properly see the Twenty-Twos... and while I DO think that they are very very good, I couldn't shake the "I feel like I've seen/heard this all before" feeling.

Finally it was time to go to Lit for Morning Theft, and I know I say this all the time, but they were just so fucking good! And usually when I go to Lit I don't expect a lot, especially with sound, but it looked like they changed the "stage" area around and it was fantastic. Thursday I'm going up to Boston for Ashley's much anticipated party featuring them and Asobi Seksu, and I've been told that Morning Theft Boston shows are a whole different ballgame, so it should be great. Also I've been dying to get out of New York for a while so this will be my brief, much needed vacation.

Somehow, after all of this had already gone on, we ended up at Modelspotting 2004 (aka the Elefant afterparty). It was just another one of those nights where you get everyone ever in a room together (or so it seemed) and you never know what's going to happen. What happened to Nora? I freaked out and ended up locked in a dark closet/room which I thought led upstairs, but actually... led no where. Fun times there. I managed to figure out that I wasn't really locked in at all after a few minutes (thanks a lot vodka tonic...), and the rest of the party was actually fun, despite the mayhem and models and whathaveyou. Thanks to Jocelyn too for getting me in, because Jocelyn knows everyone who works at Spin (and if she doesn't she can still pretend she does and it works!).


i love you donnie darko