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new pope today and it's not me

Did anyone go to the Bravery afterparty last night @ BLVD? Was it the unfathomable scenester cluster fuck that I could only imagine it to be? I mean... is it necessary to throw that band into the mix with Ultragrrrl, +1, Tiswas AND Misshapes? Is that too much of a lovefest?

Ok OK, I'm sure it was fun. I was happily eating ice cream instead. So it goes.

In other news...

- one of my favorite NYC bands, PS, are featured in a new commercial for Adidas! how exciting is that. you can watch the clip on their website here (go to the bottom of the page and click the link). I think it's a pretty great clip.

- Coma are playing this Thursday at Mercury @ 8:30. Listen to two samples of their songs here. Very rich shoegaze sound and vocalist Kristina both looks and sounds like an angel.

- Morning Theft finished shooting their first video this weekend for the song "Thirty Helens Agree." Dan told me that the clip was shot by director Ethan Borsuk, in Pat's (!) apartment. It took 14 hours to shoot and tells the story of a vicious cycle of relationships that go from one man with his wife and circles around with his mistress and her affair while the band plays. So no acting from the Morning Theft boys, but I want to know... are there actually going to be thirty helens in the video? I guess we will have to wait and see.

- Wyclef Jean will visit PBS' "Sesame Street" on Friday to perform a duet
with Cookie Monster about eating healthy foods. (Ok I know that this has nothing to do with ANYTHING but it's just too random to ignore...)

- this is why I love Jay Goodtimes more than a really tasty Red Lobster biscuit:

"It feels so fucking calculated, and yet I can't look away. They are like a 20 car pile up, but for some reason the emergency response team is able to keep a couple lanes open so traffic slowly streams by rubber necking all the way. It makes me want to punch myself where my balls should be while trying to give myself head. If you were able to bottle-up MisShapes and sell it as cologne, these kids would wreak of it. It's everything I hate about the New York music scene, and yet I occasionally find myself hoping for a spot on the fashionista runway they’ve perpetuated."

(on The Bravery last night at Bowery Ballroom... some say best review ever. some being me! and JAY Z was there? seriously? i don't think it gets any weirder...)

- ok i have nothing more to offer and i haven't even gone out lately and now i'm leaving the city for two weeks. but if you will be out at the hottness that is COACHELLA, and want to come to a party on friday, shoot me an email would you?

oops... wait... finally tonight, go Vicious @ Rothko (flier below). all of the bands are amazing, most notably Benzos and the Harlem Shakes (note to Jocelyn, the Harlem Shakes have a section on their website called "circle of death." it doesn't have any content yet, but i'm JUST SAYING!)

arkansas was cool.

true love will find you in the end