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danielle said it best "blizzards and me, they do not mix well"

What a lousy weekend. No, seriously, what the fuck was that? What a let down. What a disappointment. All around. The fact that I can even write about a show right now is kind of remarkable. But I'm sure you've noticed from this blog that I do my best to stay positive here, so here we have it. Somehow I dragged myself from my nicely heated apartment to go to a show Saturday night, and despite that I was in no mood for it, the show was great. It was probably best that we started off with coctails at 7A, so the chocolate martini I downed had me slightly buzzed before arriving at Mercury Lounge.

George quickly handed me a vodka tonic, maybe a roommate sixth sense kind of thing, and I went into the main room to watch a band I had never seen before, Hopewell. And thank god that I did, because it's rare for me to really like a band the first time I see them, and somehow despite it all this band managed to make me a very happy camper. As you can see from my (poorly taken) picture, their frontman was dressed very Gilligan's Island style, but their music was a brand of very excellent psychedellic rock. Particular stand outs of their set included the song "Trumpet for a Lung" which the band claimed would rock us all, and did, and also their closers "Monolith" and "Synthetic Symphony." I will absolutely be checking out this band again.

After their set, I ran into Jay and gushed about the band, and he replied by having his friends treat me to a tequila shot. What a way to forget it's cold outside (at least momentarily). Thanks guys!

So finally it was time for the band we had almost all come to see, The Upwelling. I've written about this band a lot before, and there honestly isn't really a lot of new stuff to say. They changed up their usual set list, which was a nice change but left a lot of fans wondering if they were going to play the usual crowd favorites, including "In Her Arms" until the very end. They played my favorite, "Diamond Ring" although maybe not the tightest I've ever heard them do it, Jocelyn and I enjoyed ourselves, and we all ended up a little emotionally moved by "American Night" as always. So in the end, I'm glad I went out I suppose, although attempting to get back to Brooklyn at 4am was no treat at all. I really hope that these bands appreciate the great turnouts they managed to get on a night like Saturday was, and we appreciated them reciprocating with good solid sets. Hopefully things will be a little warmer all around the next time.

So I'm writing this so early in the morning because my roommate has used up all the hot water, so I'm going to work half asleep and grumpy and decided... why not write a blog entry? But really, I'm in no mood, so this ends here. If you see me or talk to me today, please try to be kind. Blizzards and I are not a good combination.

january 24th sucks!

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