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Last night we went to see The Hives at Webster Hall, the second of their recent NYC dates, with openers The Fever. I had their shows at Irving Plaza earlier this year described to me by friends as "the best show of the year," so Jed and I were fully prepared to get rocked. Stuffed into a packed room about fifth row center with a bunch of hygenically challenged high school boys and dolled up high school girls, we waited (sort of) patiently for the band to take the stage. And when they did... holy swedish lord, this band was on fire. The energy that Pelle and his cohorts emit, in their charming matching suits and bowties is unbelieveable. Any time Pelle got anywhere near us, all the high school girls erupted in shrieking hysteria and jumped on top of each other to get close enough to merely touch him.

As much of an ego maniac as he comes off as about his band and how amazing they are (repeatedly asking the audience if they loved him and loved the Hives and loved their album title and loved um... anything he had anything to do with), Pelle is head to toe rockstar (cutest ass ever... or rather cutest everything). He owned the stage, and the highschoolers who made the floor shake, and captivated the entire room for their set. One standout moment of the show was during the song "Diabolic Scheme," in the middle of which the entire band froze in position, and stayed perfectly still (even the roadies were in on this) as the crowd went wild.

Vastly entertaining, this band did not disappoint me at all and at the end of the night as we dined on cheese fries at Roll Roaster, all I could talk about was getting a Hive of my very own to dance around my apartment and make funny faces. They are just too much fun.

Otherwise it felt like I spent the majority of my weekend DJing. Friday night I was spinning at Rothko, the first time I've been there since they remodeled the basement. Now where there was a room, there is a room where there once was a wall... and so on and so forth. Ever since I heard someone spin "I am one" by the Smashing Pumpkins @ Andy Shaw's bday party, I have been obsessed with playing it and it went over really well Friday night. After much free booze, I even found an armchair to curl up in for a 4am powernap and no one shaved off my eyebrows. What a success.

Then on Saturday was Husky G's birthday party @ Eleven, where I got to spin for a little over an hour and finally, after it was requested, I played the new Gwen Stefani single... and it was THE BEST. After hearing it again at Misshapes later that night, it has grown on me 100%. Sometimes hearing a song played to a room packed full of dancing sweaty people is what it takes I guess. Otherwise the night is kind of a blur, but I did eat the best chicken caeser salad ever @ The Waverly and took ANOTHER nap while I was at it. There was lots of free alcohol going on at Eleven so I'm not sure if anyone really remembers anything, but I'm pretty sure no one puked and no one died. Success! High five! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PETER!

I don't think I get enough sleep people...
I'm on my countdown to Turkey. Mmmmmmmmm.

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