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everyday i love you... more and more.

Everyone loved the Kaiser Chiefs. Seriously, I'm not joking, not even kidding, everyone. The show last night at Mercury Lounge was phenominal, from the very beginning with terribly catchy opener "Na Na Na Na Naa" (maybe not the best name for a song, but who cares).

Lead singer Ricky Wilson, who sort of projects a mix of Luke Skywalker meets Greg The Boyfriend, is amazingly charismatic as a frontman and has a great voice to boot. To me they are what the Killers would be if they were actually British and had double the stage presence- they even have a guy with a giant head of curly hair.

They are going to play Bowery Ballroom in March, date tba.

Song: Kaiser Chiefs - Saturday Night

Kaiser Chiefs - Every Day I Love You Less and Less

Other than the show, and the kamakaze shot incident afterwards, I had a great Valentines Day, thanks to this guy and the rest of my awesome valentine friends (I even got a Buffy the Vampire Slayer valentine, rawk).


Tonight there are two great shows that I'm going to be checking out, and one of them is TOTALLY FREE, so you should do your best to check it out!

PS are playing a free showcase tonight @ Sin-e at 7pm. You can read more about them here.

Also playing after them @ 8:30 is the band Argentine. Check out their song Ender/Beginner and Slumberside. Some nice, mellowed out stuff.

Then later in the night I'm going to Rothko to see Saints + Lovers play Audrey's great music showcase, Vicious.

Saints and Lovers play at 10pm, and the rest of the lineup is here.

Honestly, I can't recommend either of these shows or bands enough to you.

Happy Tuesday!

kaiser chiefs picture courtesy of the amazing brooklyn vegan


my dress matches my livestrong bracelet. um... wow...?