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There is an amazing show going on tonight, with a line up that reads like someone tapped into my music brain/heart/blog to create it. Unfortuantely I don't know if I'm going to actually make it to this show for monitary/sleep deprivation/lack of ability to speak due to sore throat reasons.

But please go. All four bands are solid great acts that I talk about here a lot (or at least a little bit).

Gothamist presents:

here's the lineup:

knitting factory - doors 7:30 pm
8:45 the cloud room
9:30 other passengers
10:30 the information
11:30 elkland

if you get there early, there will be free booze + cupcakes. nice!

(if you miss this show, Elkland will also be playing at SHOUT! on Sunday night!)

Last night Nicole and I saw some amazing bands and found the best deal for winos on the LES (shhh we will only tell you if you are good). We did miss one band that we really really like though, The Good North (from Boston!). Check out their song Always Works Out Wrong now though. Rob Holmes testifies that it will make you cream yourself. More on this and other happenings of Tuesday night later...

reason is treason

everyday i love you... more and more.