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just like that

Whoa... did the weekend really go by just like that? I guess it did! It was all sort of a blur though. But sometimes that is the best kind of weekend a girl can have. Friday night we went to see Brooklyn favorites Other Passengers and Pilot to Gunner on a solid bill at Sin-e. I sort of don't understand why more bands don't love playing at this club -- and the discovery that they now serve the hard stuff doesn't hurt either.

We got there a little late and caught the last 20 minutes of Other Passengers set, which consisted of ONE SONG. Damn. These guys are ambitious to say the least. Something that I realized during their set was that I don't think I have ever seen this band sober. Seriously, the last time was at Pianos rushing over from some crazy fashionista open bar in the (ew) meatpacking district, smuggling full champagne flutes in our coats. Yeah, we're so classy. Needless to say, I wish I had gotten to see more of their set, or at least more variety from what I saw on Friday, but I still love this band.

Pilot to Gunner followed with a solid set of their best straight-forward rock. They didn't play "Paris" but that wasn't really surprising. The crowd seemed to be really into it and the band seemed more together (aka sober) than I have seen them in a while.

Saturday night after a scrumptious french dinner thanks to family friends in town, I made my way down to Don Hills to kick off the night with a little White Light Motorcade/open bar combo. I have to say, the past few times I have been to Tiswas the crowds there have been great. Maybe it really is time for that comeback? Hmm. WLM were good as always and my friends who hadn't seem them before but who know the guys from well... the Darkroom among other places... were completely impressed. I really need to get my hands on a copy of their new album.

Post Tiswas we made a brief detour at the Tribeca Grand and then made our way to the east village where Matt GoStation was turning 24 in the only way that Matt GoStation can... at St Dymphnas. Which, as it turns out, is also the favorite watering hole of one Conor Oberst. Who knew? Not me obviously as I missed his entire (brief) appearance.

I also went over to Movida for a little bit, where the great guys of GBH have a fun new weekly party that just started up called One Louder. It's actually directly across the street from Misshapes, which is great for party hopping convenience and as GBH parties always go the music was excellent and so was the crowd. I'm hosting a birthday party there next weekend... more info on that forthcoming!

And then the weekend was pretty much over, save for a Sunday night alone with my thoughts and Felicity box sets. Yeah, my downtime is kind of lame, but that's ok. There's so much going on this week that I think it's pretty forgiveable. Speaking of which...

Tonight i KNOW you already are going to Gothamist's super hyped Moveable Hype show at Knitting Factory. I know you wouldn't miss a chance to see Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Oh no, you are way too smart for that!

Here is the flier with all the info you need.

I will see you there. And make SURE you come early to check out Man in Grey and esp. Ghostland Observatory. They have a great style of electronic rock and Nicole and I are putting on a little show with these guys at Delancey on Thursday, so if you love them tonight or happen to miss them, I know where I will be seeing you on the 23rd. So check this out for now and I will catch up with you later...

Ghostland Observatory - Black Box


i'm going to be late for work!