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i wish i had a cool last name like "scarr"

The past weekend was sort of a blur, so much so that I forgot to talk about it. What did I even do? Oh wait... got drunk and sang karaoke (Bon Jovi... best ever) with Husky and ate greek food in "couples" mode in Astoria, and finally bought Coachella tickets. There was some game on TV involving a ball, tight pants, and commercials featuring awesome monkeys. Unfortunately we didn't even get to see the end because the cable in the bar broke. Damn.

Also saw some great acoustic performances, including a really fantastic set by a girl named Kelli Scarr, who also fronts a band called Moonraker. Kelli sounds very much like Cat Power meets Bjork I think, with more stage presence (than Cat Power) and a wicked cover of Aaliyah's "Are You That Somebody?" (not kidding) that brought down the house. Check out her myspace profile.

Here is a track from her demo also, very mellow and not entirely similiar to what she played on Sunday...
Kelli Scarr - This Is The Time

Matt GoStation also took the Pianos stage that night, performing some great covers including songs by Hope of the States and "Under the Milky Way" by Church which is one of my favorite songs.

Tomorrow night I get to wear an expensive top made of leather to the Vivienne Tam fashion show, followed by what will surely be some sort of hipster cluster fuck afterparty at "NA" (is that like "nah" or "not applicable"? i'm not sure) w/ guest DJ James Iha among others. The last time we went to one of these fashionista parties, there was a champagne open bar so I'm pretty sure it was a good time, even though I slept in the borrowed clothing and didn't feel too hot the next morning.

Anyways... I have work to do so entertain yourselfs with an MP3 from the New York band that I talk about sometimes, The Fame. They are playing a show this Friday @ Mercury Lounge with one of the bands that scare me the most, Bling Kong (John Hughes meets the Polyphonic Spree on more drugs and with cheerleaders or something). But this song by the Fame is awesome, and the Fame are hot. Or hottt. Makes me want to jump around and wear corderoy bellbottoms. Um... I need more coffee.

The Fame - Lost In You

alive and amplified

i predict you'll say "yeah" (sorry... couldn't help myself)