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smoke em' (electronically) if you've got em - a review of bluCigs

Being in your 20s in New York City was, for me at least, all about trying to find the proper balance between work time and playtime. And when tackling such an exciting and challenging feat in this city especially and one tends to pick up a few "necessary" vices - staying up late, sleeping past noon, boozy brunching at 4, substituting finger foods at random events for actual meals, dating the wrong guys, all that jazz. I'd like to think - or at least I HOPE - that having passed the big 3-0 with a solid job, relationship etc. etc. that I would have overcome most of my bad habits.

Cigarette smoking, however, has always lingered on and off which is something I'm pretty self conscious about particularly as it becomes more socially unacceptable to do so. At my last job we had a nice crew of people who would smoke, which gradually lingered down to two of us standing out side in the freezing cold talking smack and being cold. New York City has become an anti-smokers wet dream and honestly, for good reason. Smoking is gross, and bad for you, and a terrible habit. I KNOW THIS. I mean I also knew that two sliders and a mini quiche at a 3 hour open bar did not a meal substitue make, but I still did it anyways so there you have it.

My boyfriend Greg is also a smoker. We lament this fact all of the time. Lament lament lament. But everyone needs their vices I suppose, and while I've joined a gym and now routinely get 8 hours of sleep more often then not, some vices are always sure to linger. Nevertheless, the two uf us were pretty stoked when bluCigs reached out to me to review their product and do a little giveaway and the bf even agreed to help me write this review. I have to say, I'm not entirely sure WHY they picked me, but I've been curious about the increasing popularity of the product in the marketplace so I figured why not. An old coworker had a electronic cigarette and would puff away at it routinely at his desk without a care in the world. No smoke, no smells, no one even seemed to notice honestly aside from the occasionale plume of vapor occasionally wafting up over his cubicle. We agreed to review the product and selected the Premier Starter Kit from their site (seemed like the right way to go) and selected two flavors, classic tobacco and "vivid vanilla" - I was intrigued by the array flavors such as java jolt, pina colada and cherry crush but Greg was... not so much interested in the schnapps varieties so we decided to stick to mainstays for the purpose of the review.

When the bluCigs delivery finally arrived, Greg immediately commented on the packaging which actually made our bluCigs resemble a fancy smart phone. I am definitely also a sucker for good packaging. We tried them out and found them pretty easy to use, sitting on our couch blowing vapor around while our cat gave us a lot of confused looks. Later that week we found ourselves at an event at Brooklyn Bowl where we smoked the ecigs around some of our smoker and non smoker friends, both whom had a lot of questions about the bluCigs. It was actually a nice change of pace to be able to indulge a bit (or at least feel like we were) without also feeling like social pariahs of sorts. Greg also busted out some interesting factoids such as the 176,250,000 pounds of cigarette butts discarded in one year in the United States alone that we were no longer contributing to. Dude. Gross. The bluCigs premier packs also have a SOCIAL MEDIA FEATURE (which is all the rage these days) - where the pack actually uh... vibrates... when someone is close to you who also smokes bluCigs and has the package on them incase I guess you want to compare notes or something? Maybe it's the new OkCupid for those who are off what my boyfriend refers to as "lady tobacco"... kids today, who am I to judge. You can also turn this feature off if you aren't into meeting strangers and want to e-smoke like the cool loner you are.

Anyways, bluCigs were a fun experiment, definitely saved us some money and made the air around me smell vividly like vanilla rather than nausiatingly nicotine-esque.

If you're interested in trying out bluCigs for yourself, just leave a comment on this entry telling me what your ideal flavor of e-cigarette would be - boisterous bacon? And leave your email address too. One person at random will win a $70 starter kit all of your own.

The options stated above are my own. I was provided with a free product for this review but was in no way paid for my opinions or otherwise compensated

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