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i like it when they give you a pickle with your sandwich

A lot of people were surprised to see me at Bamboozle over the weekend. Around the office I'm known as "indie rock girl" so I guess that's pretty much the reason why, but honestly I love festivals like this because they are generally fun, ocasionally just funny, and I don't take them too seriously so I end up just enjoying myself instead of freaking out about all the bands that I need to see. Can you like Tapes N' Tapes and also like Panic! at the Disco? Well I think you can... so there goes my indie cred (if I ever even had any to begin with). A lot of my time was apparently spent following around Wil from Aiden... not that I could really tell you WHY, but when girls will wait in line OVERNIGHT to see the Click Five at Irving Plaza, I feel that whatever happened at Bamboozle doesn't really require any explanation on my part.

Anyways, my two days in Jersey were a lot of fun, highlighted of course by Liam and Me's performance on Saturday. But nothing could really prepare me for the awesomeness that went down at Annex on Monday night. The band had asked me to DJ, so Rachael and I were behind the decks and had a great vantage point from which to take in their ridiculously good showcase. I have never seen the Annex as packed as it was last night, nor have I seen a crowd that totally jazzed over a band since well... Bamboozle, but prior to that I don't recall. It was insane. People were moshing and worked up into a sweaty frenzy. This band will be HUGE.

Since half the crowd was seemingly (clearly) under the legal drinking age (so it goes), after my rock lead in I decided it was time to go 80s and beyond. Yes, that was me playing a Panic! remix, and it was awesome. We took the party to the Skinny afterwards for Starfuck and that's when things get a little fuzzy, although I DO remember setting a new record in erotic photo hunt, so props to me...

Tonight, I'll be at Knitting Factory to attempt to figure out what the whole Beirut buzz explosion is all about because I don't really get it honestly. The songs are pretty though, the sort of thing I'd want to listen to while sailing down a river in a boat on a summers day (which I uh... never do).

Beirut - Postcards from Italy

am i being vague enough for you?

what to do what to do...