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what to do what to do...

So last night we went to Marquee (haha I KNOW...) for the DCFC release party for their "Directions" DVD - which is awesome, buy it, especially for this video).

Anyways, afterwards we were standing outside bummed that we didn't get gift bags and slightly buzzed from the open bar and decided that the best thing we could do would be go up to Lincon Center and see David Blaine and in his fish tank being crazy.

And oh, it was. He was just sitting there in his little deep sea diver outfit, and you can go up to the glass and wave at him. Matt decided to show him a giant photograph of Katie Holmes for no apparent reason. Maybe he thought crazy loves crazy? Who knows.

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy

(though if you haven't heard this song yet you probably live under a rock. or maybe... in a fish tank?)

more photos of crazy tank guy here

i like it when they give you a pickle with your sandwich

it's getting hot in here