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it's getting hot in here

real blog update is coming, about stuff like my (lack of) kareoke skills (happy birthday Rob Morning Theft) and why i don't like Max Fish (or any shots involving soco... bleh!) and my thoughts on Cold War Kids from their Bowery show (crazy, spastic, awesome, black keys meets white stripes sort of thing, go see them tonight at pianos) and the ridiculous amounts of fun that is of Rachael's tuesday night party at Pianos which gets better every time I go (Wes, you rock too).

but I wore pajamas to work today and I'm tired so instead, read this:

come hang out.
174 orchard between stanton and houston

I'm djing from 10-1 and then Matty is taking over after that for more hoopla

possible free donuts from Zozo in the works...

here is a song that I listened to on my ipod this morning and that I love and feel is appropriate for the season

The Gaskets - Hold Steady Hot Weather

(they may just be the next Arcade Fire, afterall)

what to do what to do...

my screamo dream come true