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incase you hadn't noticed, it's HOT outside.

Siren fest is good for two things: bands and hotdogs. And on Saturday I enjoyed both. What it is perhaps not so good for is free alcohol (okay I realize that saying this is ridiculous, but still) and crowds. Lots of crowds. Lots of alcohol. It was fun though, and I wish I had seen more but in actuality I had seen all of the headlining bands at least once if not multiple times, so I was fine with taking it easy, spending some time on the beach, etc.

As you can see from the flier below, I'm djing tomorrow night and there are a ton of bands playing (ton meaning two) and it's free, and all the djs are girls. It would be nice if you stopped by.

I'm probably going play this song tomorrow too:

The Futureheads - Let's Dance

Tonight I'm off to dirty jerz to spend some quality time with Army of Me and some band called "Rooney." Yes, I am 14.

Oh wait, speaking of 14 year olds, Laura has a link to the new panic at the disco video which (kind of) makes me want to go dunk my head in a fishtank.

an independent study.. by msnbc

if you don't come to this show my head will explode