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(thanks for sending me this Rachael!)

Oh and on an entirely different and exceptionally random note, I was standing outside with my friend Abby yesterday when one of those Camel cigarettes people came up and asked us if we wanted free coupons and lighters (you know what I'm talking about). Anyways, I told her I wasn't into the coupons really, but while she was scanning Abby's ID she goes, "what about tickets to a concert?"

Obviously I was intrigued.

"You guys have concert tickets? Free concert tickets?" The camel lady said yes.

"Who is playing???" asked Abby.

She takes an envelope out of her big bag of lighters and other camel schwag and says:

"Some band called Phoenix? Ever heard of them?"


Inside the envelope was a pair of tickets to a show at Bowery Ballroom on August 7th with Phoenix and the French Kicks! Needless to say, I was all about the tickets. She asked me what the band sounded like, since apparently most of the people she tries to pawn them off on have never heard of the band and aren't interested. So I did my best to explain them to her, throwing in an excess amount of gushing about the French Kick's lead singer (aka future father of my children) etc. etc.

A few minutes later, she's handing me more envelopes. And then more of them. Until between the two of us, Abby and I have 14 tickets to the show. So um.. anyone want to go see Phoenix?

How nuts is that.

incase you hadn't noticed, it's HOT outside.