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i bet you think this song is about you

I think I really started to become annoyed with NYC shows after my Coachella concert experience. I rarely go to concerts outside of the city, except when I'm home in Chicago or when I went to New Jersey Screamo Fest.

But I found myself front and center at the Stills show and the ONLY EXCITED PERSON in a crowd full of lameasses who wouldn't jump around, wouldn't scream, wouldn't dance, wouldn't do anything. Godforbid, because you're just too fucking cool to actually show the band that you paid money to see that you like them. Or if you're all VIP, you didn't even pay money so you get to see an amazing band for FREE and you STILL can't get excited. People are lame, but I still think that The Stills are great. However, I won't be seeing them again any time soon because I've now seen them three times and the show is always the same and.... it's not as exciting anymore. I wish they would debut new songs or something.

Funny moments for Nora... when the drummer said that the name of their last song is Tomorrow Never Knows.... isn't it Yesterday Never Tomorrow? Maybe there are too many songs about Yesterday and Tomorrow and all the shit that's never supposed to happen. That's my guess.

ALSO, when that freak boy got on stage and tried to CROWD SURF. I mean, if the crowd was already as lame as it was, what made this kid think that any of those people standing there with their arms folded across their chests were going to hold him up??? Needless to say, he jumped, the crowd parted, and I hope the kid didn't break anything on his way to the ground. Ouch.

After the show, we hung around outside with Nick and Jacob Surefire for a while, as they were chatted up by some Surefire groupies. These boys are totally on their way. Then we made our way over to Pianos, where some random shit was going on upstairs involving a lot of Brazilians, and I got to meet the San Loco guy, who is so-fucking-cute. And of course he's in a band. I love him. Or maybe I just want a free taco. No, seriously, I love him.

Finally we collected the things we needed to pick up at Pianos and made our way over to Happy Ending for the Stills afterparty. Hello sweaty hipster clusterfuck. I ran into Jen, who was wearing an amazing looking dress, and Rich and Alex from the Madison Strays. Carlos came up to me at one point and asked me how I had recovered after his birthday party a few weeks ago, and said something about drinking a lot of bloody marys. Nicole left, and I talked to a girl named Alison for a while about working at urban outfitters, but then she went to the bathroom and I never saw her again. There were also alot of people wearing bathing suits, which was kind of bizarre but whatever. Then I found myself in a cab going back to the WB to hang out with Big Dave at Alligator Lounge, where he had saved me a free pizza and made me two huge vodka tonics, which caused me to come stumbling home at sunrise and pass out on my living room floor while my roommate watched Pieces of April.

And now it's raining a lot. Tonight I'm going to see Lakota at Acme Underground and then it's over to Rothko for UNISON! You can listen to some of Lakota's hot songs here. Because Lakota loves me times 50 or something. And that's a good thing, I think.

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