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First of all, on Tuesday I drank too much red wine and went to see Morning Theft play at Mercury Lounge for the first time. They were excellent, I was sleepy, Pat was fantastic. They let me sell merch after the show, and now have new t-shirts (that were DESIGNED by Pat... although ok Dan picked the font). Their new EP (which you can buy on their website) also quite rules and the whole thing was just GOOD. The highlight of the show was a great performance of "song of resignation" which I think really stands out in a good way. They are playing in Hoboken @ Maxwells tomorrow night again with John Davis of Superdrag (who I missed but who has really cool buttons), and then on Saturday in Boston @ TT The Bears.

If you don't feel like trecking to dirty jerz on Friday, however, I cannot recommend enough that you get yourself to Mercury Lounge to see PS. I've raved about this band on several occasions, and unfortunately I am going to miss out on this show because I will be DJing in Williamsburg. Lucky for me, they were willing to share these exclusive MP3s with me, which I will now share with you because I was paying attention in kindergarten and know how to share and because the songs are just THAT GOOD. Sharing is caring people.

PS - Gaaabidge (this song just plain rocks out. swear to god, just wait for it. love it)

PS - Three Words (a very sweet, romantic song. play it for your significant other or for your friend with benefits when you want to take it to the next level)

PS plays Friday, April 8th at 10:30pm

holla! or... challah!

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