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Ahh... Friday.

Last night I went to Jamba Juice and then I went to the darkroom and then they played Kriss Kross "jump around" and i ran into a guy I went to elementary school with... so bizarre (words like bizarre and weird are kind of becoming commonplace in this blog, have you noticed? oh well!).

Over the course of the night, I heard mixed reactions about the Bloc Party show at Bowery, but I've always heard mixed things about them and when I saw them at Motherfucker I thought they were fucking hottt and sort of brilliant, so kinda wish I had a ticket to see them play tonight. Unfortunately their afterparty was a clusterfuck of mass proportions, which probably was complicated by lines down the block to get in the door and the filming of what we assumed was that Lindsay Lohan movie at the same intersection. And they were playing hip hop when we finally got upstairs at Pianos, and after the Kriss Kross thing it was just kind of too much for me. Sometimes, as a DJ especially, I really wish there was no such thing as hip hop (not all the time, just sometimes!)

Did you miss Dutch Kills on KEXP yesterday? So great. I listened to it live and was sitting at my desk unable to function because it was so great and I was so happy for them. Now I'm listening to the streaming archive, and if you missed it then you can too! Just go here and enter the info for yesterday (April 7th) and 7am (that's Seattle time) and enjoy!

They are playing Rothko on May 10th also, more info on that tba.

Louix XIV sold out Bowery Ballroom. Bring on the eyeliner and sex music.

The Killers play Summerstage on June 4th (via Jay Goodtimes who has mad love for Webster Hall - and a very good point. and he really wants you to stop crying too, you crybabies)

And finally, and to go back to the whole 'no hip hop' thing, tonight + red and black + 2 for 1 drinks 10-11 = hot party. oh ya, and husky g and i will be on the decks so please come and say hello and how are you and tell me your name.

wtf am i talking about?! blah. 135 n fifth and bedford in williamsburg, 10 until lockdown.

also, i must wish a happy birthday to Dennis Cahlo!


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