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Last night Intern David and I went to Mercury Lounge to see Office, a Chicago band who have been getting buzzed about for a while now. I first heard about them from the lads in The Changes, who booked them as one of the openers for their NYE and NYEE shows at Schubas. While I enjoyed their quirky upbeat pop songs when I listened to the album the first time, I wasn't totally blown away by the show, although the girl who plays the cowbell and other various percussion was pretty awesome to say the least (and totes has my dream job). However, at work today I have been listening to their album, Q&A, NON-STOP and have suddenly found myself completely addicted to these feel-good tunes that make me bounce around in my chair.

Office - Q&A

Office - The Big Bang Jump

I stuck around to see Goat Explosion, which was unfortunately more like Elkland part two (same lead singer and seriously, they played 'Apart') but not as good. Then I somehow spilled vodka on my blackberry and now it won't stop constantly vibrating. Oops. IT department at work = not so psyched with Nora today. By the time I got to the Spank Rock party everyone I knew was wasted and all they had left at the open bar was tequila and budweiser select, both which a) could also have damaged the apparently fragile apparatus that is my blackberry and b) i'm not a big fan of. Boo.

The DJ at Stereo (don't ask) did play Skee-lo's "I Wish" which was pretty sweet if you ask me.

In other news:

- a sitcom about williamsburg. on a blog. how appropriate is that :The Burg

- this is quite funny, although I don't recommend using "love your blog" as a pick up line um... EVER.

okay that's all for now kids

ps: hi Piper.

if you don't come to this show my head will explode

stir it shake it up