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newies and goodies from "oldies"

I am a big fan of the two bands that I'm going to talk about in this post, though they are hardly a new addition to the running commentary/worship of this blog or the blogosphere as a whole. Nevertheless, they both have new albums coming out and I really think that people NEED to take notice this time around, especially of these are two indie acts that may have not been on your personal radar before. And while Rilo Kiley's new offering "The Moneymaker" may have made their devotees do a bit of a WTF?!?!??! double take, I think the new tracks from these two bands fit well into the mould of what these artists have been offering - and improves on them to boot!

Robbers On High Street have a new album out this week, Grand Animals on Scratchie/New Line Records (ever seen James Iha at like... ALL of their shows?). After the awesome "teaser-ish" ep that they released last winter (Fatalist and Friends), I couldn't be more excited to hear what they will bring to the table for this full-length followup.

AND they are playing three upcoming concerts with SWEET line-ups. If I wasn't going to be on a plane tomorrow night, I would be at Bowery for serious. Here are the details, and below check out a track from the album AND a really excellent remix of the same song that I have been rocking out to for days. I actually always wished I could dance to ROHS and now we all have our chance.

7/27 New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom [with Aeroplane Pageant (YAY!), Jealous Girlfriends]

8/07 Los Angeles, CA – Troubadour [with 1990s, Mezzanine Owls]

8/09 San Francisco, CA - Cafe Du Nord [with The Wildbirds, The Old Fashioned Way]

Robbers On High Street - Married Young

Robbers On High Street - Married Young (The Glass Remix)

OFFICE are from CHICAGO. They are one of the more fun and electic bands around today (and James Iha is actually at most of their shows too... crazy!). I've been dying to listen to some new Office tracks after having their self-released debut "Q&A" on constant repeat for MONTHS (my last FM serves as evidence of this). Also, funny enough, when I was djing last Friday my boss Jim told me he reallly wanted to hear the song "Putting On The Ritz." Which made me giggle (but uh... didn't make me play the song...).

So now everything comes full circle and Office will release their debut album for Scratchie/New Line Records called "A Night At the Ritz," recorded mostly at frontman Scott Masson's apartment. The album is a compilation of old tracks and some of the gems the band has released in the past, so it should be a great treat for new and old fans alike.

Office - The Ritz

They also will play Mercury Lounge on August 18th for the monthly Friction party. YAY.

Basically I guess the gist of this entry is that whomever signs bands at Scratchie/New Line is my hero. Rock on .

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