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what i love the most

what i love the most is.... a new beat radio song!

Beat Radio - What I Love The Most

What I also love the most is how smiley and excited Kim of super hipster duo Matt & Kim was during their set at Siren Festival which LITERALLY made all the kids go crazy (seriously, some guy jumped a barrier and KEPT DANCING while he was being carted off by security guards! and then Matt dedicated a song to him). Really, though, Kim did not stop BEAMING throughout their entire set, and as a result I kind of have a bit of a girl crush on her (she has some crazy muscular arms also, just an observation).

Matt and Kim - Verbs Before Nouns

Otherwise I am pretty much recovered from my insane weekend. I went to McCarren on Sunday and the line for free Dewars was 200 miles long, and Annuals were kind of underwhelming unfortunately... maybe it was the huge stage. Not sure. This weekend I will be in Chicago! Let's party.

newies and goodies from "oldies"

ATJF - you should totes be there!