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who sucked out the feeling?

While I thought my LAST weekend was pretty weird, this one kind of took the cake in the weird department. And not all weird in a bad way... and maybe I should just resign myself to the fact that my life is pretty weird most of the time.

Friday night was the prom thing that I djed at Tavern On The Green. For all the chaos that went on leading up to it with getting the PA system set up and everything ready to go and all the arguing about this that and the next thing, I think the event went over really well. My beef about teh whole thing was the way that I was regarded by the staff at Tavern who were something more than shocked to see a female DJ. In fact, for most of the night, despite my being behind the decks almost the entire time besides bathroom breaks, I couldn't tell you how many times people came up to Jed and requested songs or asked me to TELL THE DJ (also known as Jed, the GUY who was hanging out with me occasionally) what songs they wanted or that HE was doing a great job, that they were impressed, blah blah blah. WTF decade are we living in here???

Yeah so that was pretty insulting, but the party went really well anyways and I got free dinner, dessert and booze for five hours and got a chance to wear the dress from my birthday party again.

Saturday I djed at The Skinny with Peter and drank a pint glass of redbull and vodka whilst he fretted about having to carry me out of the bar on a stretcher. Never fear, all was well, and I got people to dance to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and happily denied any requests for Kanye West and Linkin Park. I love DJing with Peter, because he has good style and will play the Killers for me as the last song even tho he doesn't like them and now he comes with his own remixes! Hottt!

We will be djing @ Red and Black this Friday if you care to come and find out what I am going on about. And you really should.

In other assorted news...

-- The KEXP studio sessions are this week and there are still spots open in some sessions, including Thursday's with Dutch Kills. If you can't make it out, make sure you turn in for some great music.

-- The Upwelling are currently streaming tracks from their new "live" album on their website. This stuff sounds fucking amazing so please go over and have a listen. A lot of the songs will be new to you and they are good stuff.

-- Last night I was supposed to go watch the Yankees vs Red Sox game with Rob Holmes, but I didn't and the Red Sox lost anyways and we all know how Rob feels about that. So to make Rob feel better I'm going to tell you to go to see Morning Theft's show tomorrow night @ Mercury Lounge. The are playing at 10:15 and the opener is Jonathan Davis from Superdrag. How very awesome.

Oh.. and did I mention that Pat will be there? Uh huh!

-- Otherwise this time change has me totally screwed up. I think I might be sleeping as I write this. What time is it anyways? I don't even know.

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