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Everytime I ask anyone how they are feeling lately, the response is almost always the same "I'm sick." Well, the past few days, that response has been my own. Thank goodness for nice boys who deliver grilled cheese and fresh chicken soups and strange homeopathic things to stick up my nose, because I'm finally feeling much better. I guess it's maybe just the unfortunate result of having a great weekend? Everything kicked off at Plaid, where I djed during the open bar (some say best in the city) and a great performance by Violator. This band has come SUCH a long way from where they were when I saw them last February, it's unbelieveable. While I'm still not a huge fan of cover bands, their set was still pretty enjoyable. After Plaid we headed to...

Despite my reservations about spinning anywhere remotely near the fancypants Meatpacking district, this night turned out to be a LOT of fun. Brother Lawrence (pictured above in one of his finest moments - such a one with the ladies he is), has a much better and more hilarious recap that I could ever possibly come up with. Needless to say, the evening went so well that they invited Husky and I back to the decks AGAIN this friday, with one of the guys from Dirty Vegas spinning in the main room. Crazy. Email here to get on our free guestlist...

To celebrate having such a good friday, I bought myself a turntable (which came with a whole host of technical problems, of course), and agreed to humour certain boys and go see a Pearl Jam cover band at.... LIONS DEN. Basically this made the entire weekend a very non-scene missplaced adventure but it was also quite fun. And ok... we went to Misshapes for an hour, but had to leave after "Such Great Heights" started skipping. Our hearts just weren't in it, I guess. Luckily we decided to go see In Good Company the next day, which was a sweet and heartwarming film. It left me wondering, however, when someone decided that having two Shins songs in a film = heartwarming, but we had that warm fuzzy feeling as we walked out of the theater so I guess it's a good formula afterall.

Good things are on the horizon starting today... Clay Your Hands Say Yeah are kicking off their three week residency @ Pianos starting tonight. Come early and check out openers the Shorebirds who are doing a showcase at 7:30, and then DJing upstairs for Savvy.

While I was sick and sleeping, the Dears/Saints and Lovers/Benzos show at Mercury sold out. Oops. I hope you got tickets though, because this show should prove to be quite fantastic (anyone have a +1 to spare?)

Finally, Interpol are coming back again, this time to Radio City with Blonde Redhead! I've never REALLY loved a show that I saw at Radio City except maybe for Bjork, but this could prove to be worth the money... (vio One Louder)

i predict... you'll dance!

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