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take your mama out, and your mama's auntie too

We had a crazy weekend, crazy in the best, most rained out kind of way. The best part might have been the cab ride from Niagara to Misshapes, where I handed out condoms, but let's just start at the beginning.

The weekend began with my finally getting to see The Upwelling. Now, these guys have already shared with me a lovely Sunday evening BBQ and a fantastic EP, but I was totally not prepared for how great they would be live @ Mercury Lounge. Their beautifully layered songs, especially In Her Arms (thanks, Peter, for the MP3), and Diamond Ring... very reminiscent of Coldplay or maybe Travis would be a better comparison... with something else thrown in that I can't put my finger on. I suck at comparisons, incase you haven't noticed. That's why I'm not a rock journalist!

We capped off the evening @ Red + Black, my new favorite place to get trashed and dance (okay, but maybe i'm biased just a little). Seriously, the place is essentially The Delancey, with a smoking lounge, a bigger dance floor, and fewer inyourface burly security guards. And now on Friday nights, the music is excellent so PLEASE COME OUT. This Friday I'm DJing again, along with Matt, Craig, and fucking STELLASTARR*. Seriously, I know they DJ pretty often and so it's not a new thing but I am all school girl giddy about taking over the decks from these boys. I'm a fan, when it comes right down to it, so I can't wait. And I'm even MORE excited that the band has announced that they are playing at Motherfucker for their Labor Day party (Sept 5th).

Saturday involved making more than one trip to Misshapes, where people came out and rocked the dancefloor despite the depressing downpour outside that doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. On my second trip there the place was packed with friendly faces, and Madison Strays really know how to do 21st birthdays right. After trying to keep Michael up for as long as we could in an attempt to get him back on an NYC timeclock that he is used to (not that staying up until 5 is really maybe the BEST timeclock to be on), we went and hung out with one of our favorite late night buddies who let us order the best chicken caeser salad ever and watch the third Matrix movie while complaining drunkenly about how much it sucked.

This week... I'm just going to be tired. There's no way around it. Tomorrow, Jocelyn surprised me with an extra to see The Killers headline @ Bowery. Then Wednesday we are going to see Arbor Day, followed by Jocelyn-palooza at the Delancey and then well... you know what's happening on Friday. Somehow a 9-5 job fits into all of this, but you can do the math on that one and I'll have an umbrella with me wherever I go. Before bed... adventures in television:

- did anyone else think that tonight's episode of Six Feet Under was REALLY all over the place, but still pretty good anyways? I love that show. They can really do no wrong

- watch The GoStation's commercial for Converse, which is really cool but has no sneakers in it. hmmmmm...

- Also finally started watching the Olympics... those American girl gymnastics certainly are sparkley. I didn't know excessive amounts of glitter was a qualification requirement. As my mother used to always say to me back when I sported the then-popular glitter eyemakeup "you're going to get that stuff in your eye and blind yourself." Also, Dutch swimmers are hot.

the killers will help you understand

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