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take this with your cocoa

the more bundling up I have to do, the more and more tempting it becomes for me to stay home in brooklyn in the company of my favorite albums. lately i've found that when working during the day that i've been turning to one album over and over again for just that sort of hit-the-spot comfort music is Two Thousand by Brooklyn's own, the French Kicks. And yes, I realize this album has been out for a while, but honestly the more and more I listen to it, the more I fall in love with it. At first I thought my infatuation with this band was based pretty much solely on my ridiculous crush on their lead singer (embarassing? perhaps, but if you have ever seen me in his tall lanky handsome guy presence, you would know its true anyways). But honestly this album is too melodic and beautiful to dismiss regardless of their frontman Nick's crush potential.

I saw the band at Sin-e several months ago, which was a real treat, and then again opening for Phoenix at Bowery, and I have to say they may be one of the few bands that I really enjoyed more in a larger venue that really lent it self to their densely layred songs. I used to DJ their track "One More Time" constantly, and while it is still probably their catchiest song, I think the more I listen to the songs from the new album, the more I grew to appreciate just how good this band really is at as a whole instead of just being a one-hit-wonder type of thing. Yes, it did take a while for Two Thousand to grow on me, but I'm really glad that I gave it a chance to.

OH - and according to Oh My Rockness, the band plays weddings! I guess if I can't get Tally Hall to play my wedding, this would be the next best thing.

But seriously, spend some time with these tunes -- it's much better than being out in the cold.

French Kicks - So Far We Are

French Kicks - Knee High

French Kicks - England Just Will Not Let You Recover (my favorite)

Buy the album from Insound.

ps: their myspace page says they are playing an In Sound party in Brooklyn on Nov 2nd, presumably for CMJ. Does anyone have more info on this?? Please let me know!

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