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road trips, radio shows, sleep deprivation, awesomeness.

I am SO TIRED RIGHT NOW. But tired in a very happy way. After the truly fantastic The Changes/Tally Hall match up show at Maxwells on Tuesday night (read Rachael's epic write up here), I somehow found myself in a van with the Tally Hall lads being driven off on their tour. Though I was entirely unprepared for this very "almost famous"-esque experience, I had a fantastic time on my jaunt to Philadelphia, where I got to hang out with the boys and also had my first philly cheesesteak (yummy!). I got back to NYC in the wee hours last night, and am currently completely and awesomely exhausted.

BUT, if you have the chance to see Tally Hall and the Changes together, DO NOT HESITATE, GO!

The Changes just added additional dates on their MySpace page, including some stops in Canada!

Tally Hall's dates are here!

(i don't remember right now which dates they still have together, but you're smart. you can figure that out.)

In OTHER news, make sure you hop over to Break Thru Radio today, for the THIRD installment of our "Blog Show." We were really hyper when we recorded this, probably because we knew that as soon as we were done we got to go to Maxwells (see above) but I think it turned out well and we get more comfortable with the show every week.

and FINALLY, just a reminder that Rachael and I will be on the decks @ The Skinny tonight (174 Orchard @ Stanton) from 10-4am, playing the best in um... every genre, including Yacht Rock. I might also mix in some Raffi.

OH, and if you are a big yacht rock fanatic, THE place to be Friday Night is at the Battering Room Pre-CMJ Party, appropriately called KNOCK OUT because it's a pretty knock-out line up.

Rachael and I are djing together there also. Maybe you should just call us "blogs of pleasure." Maybe I will dj with boxing gloves on.

OK, maybe not....

they look just like buddy holly.

take this with your cocoa