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satan said, go to sleep nora.

eating cookies for breakfast is always a good idea. going to see your favorite buzz band at 12:30am on a week night is a little more questionable, but I'm glad I did last night/this morning despite the resulting sleep deprivation. for some reason for me, going to a clap your hands say yeah show is kind of like hanging out with old friends. it's nice and familiar, sort of like your old favorite sweater that you used to wear all the time but now just put on every now and then.

the band is still good, they have improved immensley as a live band, and yet somehow nothing ever really changes and you always get exactly what you expect which is I guess why I don't make as much of an effort to see them live anymore. Nevertheless, the new and old songs blended seemlessly together, and even if the probably over-tired crowd wasn't in full dance party mode (even if satan told them to be, ha ha), I think the surprisingly sparse crowd had a good (late) night.

In other news and speaking of old friends, tonight I'm going to go see Morning Theft at Mercury Lounge. Since the band play fewer and fewer New York shows these days, catching them live in the city is a special treat and really shouldn't be missed if you have the chance to check them out. We also feature the band on THE BLOG SHOW today, which will be up and noon est time, so go give it a listen.

Rob, the lead singer, came by Rachael's apartment and played us an exclusive track from their forthcoming album, tentatively titled Song Of Resignation. I got to hear three un-mastered tracks that will also be on the release (and we play one on the show) and I think awesome things are soon to come for this band.

Morning Theft play tonight at 8:30, and you can check them out here.

Morning Theft - Living With Your Ghost

Morning Theft - Weakness

OH! and Rachael and I are djing at the Skinny tonight, and the band will be having their afterparty there with us, so you should come. And seriously, I don't care if it's snowing. Vodka melts snow anyways, didn't your mother teach you anything?

don't break my ha-ha-heart

RUBY : coming atcha LIVE