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nora is really freakin' lazy... lazy that she's asked me to do a blog entry for her. leave some comments for her to tell her how awful of an idea this is.

first off, i still don't think nora gave proper coverage to the snowden show last week. i've had the pleasure of seeing these guys in NYC a few times as well as their hometown of hot-lanta, but none of those shows measure up to the level of awesomeness acheived at fat baby.

snowden was far more confident on stage. they knew they had the room in the palm of their hands. somewhere in the past five months the band wrote a bunch of new songs that just absolutely rule. i'll go on record as saying they're the best unsigned band out there right now. let's see how long they remain unsigned.

anyways, move quickly NOW! to their myspace page and stream some of their new demos (dave has told me they will be up for only a short while). "anti anti" is probably my fav, although they have a new song called "filler", which is sadly not streaming, that will make your ass shake like there's no tomorrow.

if you're in NYC this coming friday, go to arlene's grocery at midnight to catch richmond, VA's own the gaskets. my band played a show with them in norfolk, VA a few months ago and they were probably the most fun we've ever had at a show. two doods + one synth/programmer = rad. they had the whole club dancing and having fun. NYC concert-goers don't really seem to have fun at shows anymore. so yeah. go see them. check out some demos from their forthcoming CD at their myspace account as well.

nora wants me to post a bunch of other mp3s and stuff, so i'm going to pimp as many bands as i can. i'm going home to boston for a weekend trip on saturday, so today i'm going to give you some great stuff from boston that no one talks about. enjoy.

- the static age - "amphibian"
- dear leader - "raging red"
- the good north - "always works out wrong"
- read yellow - "the association"
- read yellow - "bigmouth strikes again (smiths cover)"
- taxpayer - "cut it again"
- the bon savants - "atomic age"
- the plain janes - "sublunary"

oh, and while nora will pimp her DJ'ing slot on fri, 11/18, you should come see me and the rest of morning theft for a hurricane katrina benefit @ sin-e. 10pm. here's an mp3, if you haven't heard us. thanks!


i may be lazy, but i'm not so lazy that i can't edit this post and add a picture of rob handling jocelyn's cat. i would say something like "rob holmes loves pussy".. but i wouldn't do that!

new surefire music is here (and ok, so is winter, but whatever)

you were always the one