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TWILIGHT SOUNDTRACK - the Mahsa and Nora version

First of all, let me just say that, while Gender Analyzer seems to think that there is a 67% likelyhood that my blog is written by a GUY, I'm pretty much 100% sure that this one entry alone will change their mind about this.

YES, I am a fan of Twilight. I know it's cheesy and in NO WAY a literary masterpiece, but sometimes I just love cheesy shit. I tivo Real Housewives of Atlanta, I frequent Perez Hilton's blog, I worship at the church of Chuck Bass, and I read books for teenagers about hot vampire/human romances. Tonight my friend Mahsa, the guest blogger for this entry, and I are going to a theater at midnight to see Twilight the movie version. we are JUST A LITTLE BIT EXCITED ABOUT THIS.

Annnnyyyways, a couple weeks ago I got a watermarked copy of the actual soundtrack in the mail. It had stuff like Paramore and linkin park on it. While I realize that this is music geared towards the 13 year olds that are SUPPOSED to be reading Twilight and lining up at midnight to see the movie, Mahsa and I agreed that it totally needed our own interpretation.

And so here is what Mahsa came up with (with a little help from me), and an explanation that I asked her to write. Enjoy!


Muse- Time is Running Out
The Wannadies- All Over Me
Coldplay- Reign of Love
Kill Hannah - Love Sick
AIR - Playground Love
The Duke Spirit - You Really Wake Up the Love in Me
The Cure - Close to Me
Julee Cruise- Into the Night
The Smashing Pumpkins- Ava Adore
Blonde Redhead- Pink Love
Muse- Glorious
The Depreciation Guild - Sky Ghosts
Depeche Mode- I Feel You
Queens of the Stone Age - The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
Radiohead- True Love Waits

First of all I just want to say I'm super exited about tonight. I am trying hard to keep my Twilight obsession under some control as I am not a 13 year old girl and it is becoming somewhat inappropriate. All the effort I've put into making sure I understand that Rob Pattinson is not Edward Cullen is probably going to go to shit after I see this movie.

Nora and I have two additions to our Twilight movie outing. Justin....this boy I met in my apartment during halloween after hours and his friend Elinor. He was dressed up as a zombie ballerina. He told me a couple days ago that he has a Jacob outfit and I pretty much begged him to come see the movie with us. I'm so exited. He texted me last night to tell me he bought werewolf teeth. I'm not sure what exactly those are but I'm sure it'll be awesome. Oh apparently i have met Elinor as well on my couch and she was dressed up as wednesday adams. i don't remember much about her except she is a cat lady and her name is Israeli so i hope i didn't misspell it.

So I put together my own soundtrack for the movie because apparently the Twilight soundtrack is the number one record in the country. If that many people are going to be listening to a soundtrack they really should have put some better songs on it. I'm not trying to right a review for the soundtrack that's out now but it's just not anything I would listen to. I mean even the Muse song seems wrong. I love Muse but I when I think of the Twilight story, "Time is Running Out" would be a way better choice. There is one more thing that I want to specifically point out and it's Bella's lullaby. Edward has been waiting for bella for over a century. I can't believe that this is the song he would write for her. It sounds like elevator music...watered down and way too casual. My soundtrack doesnt have a lullaby on it because i think it should be something specially composed for the movie. So anyways i know this isn't perfect. It's just some songs I picked out of my itunes except for depreciation guild song sky ghosts which Nora sent to me and I think is awesome. So here anyways there you go. Here's my twilight soundtrack.

totally gratuitous vampire hotness. oh hai.


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