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this is nora smiling

I'm sorry for not updating at ALL this week, but it hasn't been a very good one unfortunately. Rachael and I recorded our last edition of the the Blog Show, which is up streaming now. We stopped the show for a variety of reasons (mostly ethical) , which I won't go into, but you can listen to our archives. Anyone want to teach us about podcasting?

Also, it's snowing in April. Which I guess should be expected since it was 70 degrees in JANUARY, but still it isn't a very welcome change. Brrrr.

The good news is that I think I've found a cure for my blues, in the form of -- you guessed it -- a band! And honestly, when I got this in the mail recently I figured there was no way that it couldn't be enjoyable unless their band name is some sort of cruel ironic joke.

The good news is, This Is Me Smiling will actually make you do just that. This four piece band from Chicago (woot!) have a self titled album out now full of great piano driven rock/pop -- very Ben Folds for the emo set. I asked me friend Meg who works for the band's PR company if it was okay for someone my age (not that i'm THAT old, but I'm no 19 year old spring chicken) to like a band like this, and she adamently responded yes and told me to "own it, dig it."

As such, I am doing just that. Smiling never killed anyone, after all. So check them out -- tour dates below.

This Is Me Smiling - Mixin Up ADJectives

This Is Me Smiling - Goodbye To Each New Day

This Is Me Smiling - A Better Way To Fall In Love

4/8 Columbus, OH The Basement
4/9 Cleveland, OH Agora
4.10 Hoboken, NJ Maxwells
4/11 Brooklyn, NY Club Europa
4/12 New York, NY Knitting Factory- Tap Room
4/13 Wilton, CT The Trackside
4/14 Lancaster, PA Chameleon
4/15 Baltimore, MD The Ottobar
4/17 Virginia Beach, VA Peppermint Beach Club
4/18 Charlotte, NC The Casbah at Tremont Music Hall
4/20 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade
4/21 Tampa, FL Orpheum
4/22 Jacksonville, FL Jack Rabbits
4/23 Orlando, FL The Backroom
4/24 Gainesville, FL Common Grounds
4/26 Houston, TC Walters On Washington
4/28 Fort Worth, TX Ridglea Theatre
4/30 Springfield, MO Remmingtons
5/9 Columbus, OH The Basement
5/10 Lansing, MI Mac's Bar
5/11 Urbana, IL Independent Media Center
5/12 Madison,WI The Loft

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