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monday "love" songs

okay these aren't going to be all songs about love, and i probably need to come up with a much more clever name for this "segment." Now that i don't have a radio show anymore, I still somehow am craving "segments" in my life so i'm going to make one for my blog instead. basically the idea for this will be that every monday I will feature a song that I am just loving right now and listening to over and over adnauseum (that is how I listen to music -- i crave songs rather than albums most of the time).

it won't always necessarily be a new song (this week it certainly isn't), but just something really great that i've found that feel like I want/need to share with the people who read my blog. and it will give you something to download and listen to at work on Monday when you know you'd rather be anywhere BUT at your desk/cubicle/office.

The song this week is by Bravo Silva, who actually aren't even together anymore. I saw them live a few times and thought they were alright -- but for some reason I just never paid attention to this song (they had a few others that I really liked) and then I was on the train to Park Slope over the weekend and this track came on randomly on the ipod and I ended up listening to it four times in a row. And I love it. So now I think Bravo Silva should get back together, but even if they don't, here's their song for you. Happy monday!

Bravo Silva - City I Love You

photo borrowed from here

thrushes: beautiful rock and roll.

this is nora smiling