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monday love songs - it's all behind you

Two years ago, around this time of year, I was off on a roadtrip across the US (actually we were driving to Coachella so it was probably a bit earlier than now, but you get the idea). I am also currently reading the book Killing Your To Live in which author Chuck Klosterman also drives across the country.

The only thing our roadtrips really had in common, however, is that we both spent a good deal of time compiling appropriately awesome music to take on our respective journeys. While Klosterman took something like 600 albums with him, I was much more selective, but we both at lesat recognize the importance of having an excellent soundtrack for any long car journey.

With the weather getting nicer now, hopping in a car and going for a long drive (preferably with the top down if uh... i could afford a convertible) seems like an ideal activity. And if I was going to embark on such a journey, my song selection for this monday would be an absolute MUST. The track is from local band The Undisputed Heavyweights, which can be downloaded for free as part of the awesome Cross Pollination Mixtape that you can (and should) learn more about here. I have spent many enjoyable Tuesday evenings at this weekly concert series that takes place upstairs at Pianos, and the Heavyweights are without a doubt one of the better up-and-coming nyc bands around.

So take a listen to this track and I'm sure you'll agree that it would be pretty much perfect to listen to while driving down a winding country road on a day like today.

The Undisputed Heavyweights - Roll Your Windows Down (demo)

two shows! two shows!

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