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monday love songs - french kissing. sort of.

to continue with my new blog segment, this week i'm going to feature a track by charlotte gainsbourg, the very beautiful and talented spawn of Serge. I dont really know much about her, but her new labum 5:55 features music written and performed by Air and lyrics by Jarvis Cocker, which was intriguing enough alone for me to give it a listen. Apparently Charlotte is also a very shy performer and sang a lot of her vocals for this album while hiding under a sheet, which is maybe bizarre but also in some way very charming to me and in a recent article she was quoted as saying that she wanted the album to "have a nocturnal feel, channeling the foggy cognizance and acute loneliness of being awake in the middle of the night."

Works for me. Here is a track for you to enjoy.

Charlotte Gainsbourg - The Songs We Sing

tokyo police club gets down, gets funky.

lost: ricky wilson's scissor kick. have you seen it? please call. big reward.