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lost: ricky wilson's scissor kick. have you seen it? please call. big reward.

Okay but seriously, there was some hopping and flailing and other excellent showmanship (and a cowbell), but NO SIGNATURE SCISSOR KICK JUMP. this made me sad, but only momentarily because this was a great show. YAY FOR KAISER CHIEFS!

Here are some photos and some mp3s, because I have a billion things to do today but I wanted to fufill my promise to blog every day this week. go me. miranda says i should get an internet gold star. next i will either attempt to run a marathon or give in to abby's demand that i participate in some freaky "master cleanse" with her (hi cliff).

Kaiser Chiefs - Heat Dies Down

Kaiser Chiefs - Thank You Very Much

monday love songs - french kissing. sort of.

things worth saying in order to post a blog entry every day this week