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things worth saying in order to post a blog entry every day this week

yeah, seriously. i'm trying! next week i'll post like 10+ entries a day just like Beev.

ok.. probably not.

last night, i went to see This Is Me Smiling at Club Europa in Greenpoint which dubs itself "the the most popular Polish-American night club in Brooklyn." ORLY. either way, it was pretty dead. meg and i brought donuts for the band that i stole from work, because everyone likes emo music and everyone likes donuts. emo + donuts = great success.

the band was GREAT GREAT GREAT. and I'm not just saying this because they indulged my request to play "mixed up adjectives" even though they said they were tired of playing that song and never do anymore. but they did anyways! way to be awesome.

the best part, i think, is that they will be coming to the Skinny tonight where we will throw them an afterparty. I will be coming fresh from seeing Kaiser Chiefs blow my mind all over Roseland with "RUBY RUBY RUBY" and while I can't promise any delicious baked goods, i can promise a lot of fun will be had.

SO, go see the band at Knitting Factory and then come over where Rachael and Matt and I will be djing with our special guest PAT! aka: dj poptarts. uh huh.

the skinny
174 orchard @ stanton
no cover
yada yada yada.

oh also, I think today I decided to skip Lollapalooza this year and go to Virgin Fest instead. thoughts on this? Please take into account that the Police were my first favorite band ever (we are talking like 9 years old and Raffi does not really count anyways), and the Smashing Pumpkins are my favorite band of all time. If the Beatles were playing Virgin Fest I might die of happiness but.. well.. you know how that story goes. Abby already agreed to go with me and she wants to rent a camper.

Yeah... dunno what I think about THAT.

This Is Me Smiling - So Excited To Sleep (i really will be after tonight...)

this actually turned out to be a pretty good blog entry. see you tomorrow....

photo of this is me smiling from the flickr of this lovely girl because meg didn't have her camera cord today at work...

lost: ricky wilson's scissor kick. have you seen it? please call. big reward.

hipster do dance... at the office