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hipster do dance... at the office

you know that 4pm "slump" that you hit at the office.. like when your blood sugar is low and the coffee machine is broken and you're itemizing out the contents of your paperclip dish and the minute hand on the clock REFUSES to move despite your jedi mindtrick attempts to fast forward yourself to the nearest happy hour?

it is around these times lately that I like to have a little "inter-office dance party." This basically involves sitting in my swivel desk chair, and rock out to tracks that would normally I think be reserved for the dance floor jams at studio b or some other awesome polish hipster discotech of your choice.

and with that, here are some of my recent favorites in this genre. almost as energizing as that 5pm redbull, I promise.

The Presets - Are You The One?

Datarock - Sex Me Up

Justice - B.E.A.T (this song is addictive like crack)

Matt and Kim - Yea Yeah (spaz out! throw on a bandana)

Shy Child - Break Your Neck

Mika - Grace Kelly (it's ok to get a little (lot) flamboyant in your cubicle sometimes, especially if your name is rachael)

things worth saying in order to post a blog entry every day this week

thrushes: beautiful rock and roll.