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thrushes: beautiful rock and roll.

My mom used to have a HUGE crush on Aiden Quinn. Then again, didn't every woman in some way after seeing Legends of the Fall? As it turns out, this band from Baltimore wrote a song by the same name, which is what prompted me to give them a listen. Because honestly, I get a lot of emails to check out new music, and bands always ask me what they should say to stand out and I never really have a good answer for them. This time? A middle-aged actor who starred opposite long haired Brad Pitt who my mom fancied more than Brad but probably less than Sean Connery.

ANYWAYS, pardon my tangent, the important thing here is that so far I'm really enjoying the excellent lush shoegaze made by the aformentioned band called Thrushes. Hailing from Baltimore, they have an album out right now called "Sun Come Undone" and apparently create their sound based on the premise that "rock music should be beautiful" -- and I think they have certainly accomplished that here. Fans of Jesus and Mary Chain (obviously) will enjoy this -- as well as any fans of local shoe-gaze stars such as Asobi Seksu. So crank the volume on your stereo let this wall of sound envelope you... I don't think you will be disappointed.

The band plays at Lit Lounge on the 14th of April and have other tour dates you can get here.

Thrushes - Aidan Quinn

Thrushes - Heartbeats (my personal favorite)

If you like what you hear, their label is streaming the entire album here!

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