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i rock i roll... into a new year

So as of this week, my blog is two years old. Yep, two years ago I was really bored and unemployed and decided the best way to spend my time between job hunting (aka bar hopping and oversleeping) was to start writing about music on the internet. To celebrate... I took a two week break from pretty much all things internet and I'm pretty happy about that. For the most part, while I was resting and detoxing in the midwest I didn't do much of anything (aside from sleep and eat hotdogs that is... oh and attend some house party that should never ever be discussed ever again ever). There were a couple of days though where I might as well have bought a cot and set it up at Schubas because it pretty much felt like I lived there. Truth be told I can't be kept away from live music venues for that long.

With that, I bring you my first "new band" discovery of... the year, which is actually a band that isn't that new at all but I had never seen them before so new for me can be new for you too. They are called The A-sides and they hail from Philadelphia and they play some very happy go lucky 60s feeling rock pop tunes that kept my toes tapping all through their set - like the Shins, but with a richer sound. They have a new album out called "Hello, Hello," and the lead song from it, "Sidewalk Chalk" has been on heavy iTunes rotation at work for the last month, and when they kicked off their Schubas set with it last week I was happy to discover that the A-sides don't disappoint live either.

New Yorkers can check them out January 19th at Pianos, where lead singer Jon promised to regail me with tails of ninja mexican food.

The A-Sides - Sidewalk Chalk

The A-Sides - Park Avenue

I also, surprise surprise could not leave the city without one last December performance from The Changes. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times (actually... I probably have said it a thousand times), these boys are where it's at in 2006. Hopefully a tour and possibly a trip abroad will expand their already very devoted fanbase. The skys the limit.

Other new discoveries on the Chicago side of things that I recommend you look out for should they ever come to New York and also in general include Wax On Radio (listen to them here), Kim, and Alphabet.

Welcome to another delightful year in indie rock.

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